intui research.

More and more researchers are turning to smartphone applications to gather reliable health and behavioural data directly from their study participants as they go about their everyday life.

Intui Research is a unique smartphone application that handles all research study data gathering needs in one place – from in-the-moment prompts that collect valuable everyday data from study participants to integrated sensor data.

Using everyday data captured by a smartphone coupled with specific research study protocol requirements (assessments, reminders, sampling rates, interventions) keeps study participants engaged and active within the research process.

What is the Intui Research Platform?

The App

The Intui smartphone app (available on Android and iPhone/iOS) is the perfect medium for engaging study participants on a daily basis – acting as a data gathering tool for your study to create a unique engagement experience for each participant.

The Admin Dashboard

The online Intui admin dashboard allows researchers to access real time insights on their study participants, identify potential disengagement and deliver study interventions – all while ensuring data is completely confidential and de-identified.

How does it work?

The easy-to-use Intui Research app makes use of smartphone sensors and self-report responses to gather real time measures of everyday health behaviours, cognitive state, emotions, and social interactions. Intui Research also links to wearable devices (smartwatches and activity trackers) that more accurately measure physical activity, heart rate and sleep quality.

Together, all of this valuable information allows Intui Research to create fully personalised experiences for study participants by engaging them with the research study. The data is also securely rolled together on the real-time admin dashboard.

Researchers configure and setup their study protocol and requirements – with the help of the Intui Research development team. Study participants are then recruited with a unique registration study code that links all of their data to the study.

Intui Research is built with a privacy and security first approach – meaning that participant data remains de-identified and is only made available to the researchers under the strictest guidelines of the over-seeing Ethics Board.

About Us

Flinders University (in Australia) is responsible for hosting and maintaining the App and the Dashboard that make up the Intui Research Platform on behalf of the affiliated research organisation undertaking and administering the research study.

Software developers, designers and health researchers within the Digital Health Research Team configure and constantly refine the Intui Research Platform across many use cases.

Our Tech Stack

Hybrid Cloud (AWS & Google) 95%
Angular JavaScript UI 89%
Ionic Cross-Platform App Design 97%
Python Scripts 90%

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